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Rotary Club of MAFFRA MARDI GRAS 2018.
Saturday 17th March 2018

Guidelines for Parade entries in the Rotary Club of Maffra Mardi Gras

1. Mardi Gras Entrants must enter a float in the Parade.

2. Any person or group may enter a float.

3. Entry is free.

4. Floats can be of any size or description, as simple or complicated as desired.

5. Floats must not be political or controversial in anyway.
  • The Rotary Club of Maffra reserves the right to refuse participation on the night, to any entry it considers to be controversial.

6. Cash prizes are offered for best entries in each of three categories
  • Best School entry
  • Best Community entry
  • Best Overall

7. The judges’ decision on the night is final.

8. Floats are usually categorised into one of two groups
  • Vehicles - eg. decorated vehicles, emergency or heritage vehicles
  • Walking groups

9 Preferences for position in the parade may be expressed to the Parade Marshall on the night, but the final decision rests with the Marshall, who is ultimately responsible for the smooth progression of the Parade, and safety of participants.

10. Entries must complete a description sheet, to enable the MC to describe their entry as they pass the main stage. Downloadable form available on the Rotary Club of Maffra website.

11. No large animals are allowed- eg. cows, or horses.

12. Small animals are allowed but must be suitably restrained.

13. ITEMS MUST NOT BE THROWN to the crowd- eg. lollies, as these encourage children to rush onto the road to collect, endangering themselves around large slow moving vehicles (wheels and blind spots) where drivers are distracted & vision is restricted.
Walking participants may PASS ITEMS DIRECTLY TO THE CROWD.

14. Please do not throw “confetti” as this is difficult for volunteers to clean up the next day.

** Have fun! And thank you for your support! ***